In 1992, This 14-Year-Old Girl Vanished After Attending The Washington State Fair And Some Of Her Clothes Were Later Found Along The Highway

In 1992, Misty Copsey of Puyallup, Washington, was just 14-years-old. She was known to be a popular student at school who always got good grades and never got into trouble.

But, on September 17 of that year, everything changed for Misty after she attended the Washington State Fair.

She and her friend, Trina, had been dying to go to the big event that Thursday afternoon. So, the pair begged Misty’s mom, Diane, to take them.

At first, Diane reportedly refused since she was caring for an elder Alzheimer’s patient at the time. But eventually, Diane gave in to the girls’ pleas and dropped Misty and Trina off there.

What exactly the girls did while at the fair is unknown. However, the event was packed with both locals and attendees who drove in from out of town. Puyallup only had a small town population of about twenty-six thousand people normally, but the fair’s wide appeal increased that number by four times.

And by the end of a presumably fun-packed evening, Misty ended up calling her mother, Diane, to inform her that she had missed the bus. Then, Misty claimed she would be able to get a ride home with a boy named Rheuban.

Rheuban was eighteen-years-old and had dropped out of high school, but Misty had befriended him earlier that year.

Diane was not too fond of their friendship, though, so she asked Misty to get a ride home with someone else. Then, Diane told her daughter to call back when she found another ride.

Facebook; pictured above is Misty

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