In 1992, This 14-Year-Old Girl Vanished After Attending The Washington State Fair And Some Of Her Clothes Were Later Found Along The Highway

Misty did not argue with her mother and reportedly began searching for another contact in her electric organizer. But Diane never received another call from her daughter and had just assumed Misty found a ride home anyway.

Well, by the time Diane got home later that evening, she discovered that Misty wasn’t in her bedroom. So, she began to panic and immediately called the police. Unfortunately, though, the authorities dismissed Diane’s concerns and wrote off Misty’s disappearance as a runaway.

This meant that Diane was forced to rack her brain in hopes of finding Misty by herself. And she quickly began to suspect eighteen-year-old Rheuban.

Apparently, Rheuban had a large crush on Misty and did not fail to make that known. One time, Diane even overheard Rheuban making inappropriate comments to Misty on the phone.

She was disturbed and forced her daughter to hang up. And even though Misty never showed any personal interest in Rheuban, Diane knew that he had a car. So, she had to consider that Misty may have gone against her wishes and asked Rheuban for a ride anyway.

This thought pushed Diane to phone Rheuban, but the call did not go how she expected. Rheuban actually revealed that Misty had called him looking for a ride, but he did not have enough gas to get to the fair.

So, Diane was left back at square one and began reaching out to anyone else who may have seen her daughter that night.

She first talked to the bus driver who drove the route from the Washington State Fair to Misty’s home. And the bus driver did reveal that Misty had asked when the next bus to Spanaway– her neighborhood– would be departing.

But, the driver was forced to tell Misty that he was the last bus. Then, he advised the fourteen-year-old to hop on a bus to Tacoma and get a transfer there. After the conversation, Misty reportedly walked away, and that was the last time anyone saw her.

The following morning, Misty’s friend Trina also phoned Diane to ask where Misty was. Trina had lived closer to the fair, so she decided to just walk home after the event. And according to Trina, she last saw Misty walking toward the bus stop.

Even with all of these question marks, though, the police were uncooperative. Authorities in Puyallup believed the young teen had been a victim of foul play; meanwhile, the Spanaway police chalked Misty’s disappearance up to a runaway case.

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