In 2010, The Skelton Brothers From Michigan Were Supposed To Spend Thanksgiving With Their Father, John: But, The Boys Vanished, John Changed His Story About Where He Left His Sons Three Times, And The Brothers Remain Missing To This Day

For many, this past Thanksgiving represented a day filled with joy and gratitude for being able to spend time with family. But, for one mother named Tanya Zuvers, the holiday marked eleven years since her three sons vanished.

In 2010, Andrew Skelton, Alexander Skelton, and Tanner Skelton were nine, seven, and eleven years old, respectively.

The boys spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Morenci, Michigan, with their father, John Skelton, that year. Then, Tanya was supposed to pick her sons up from her ex-husband the following day.

Tanya became worried after she stopped hearing from John, though, so she traveled to his home. And upon arrival, he was nowhere to be found.

It was later discovered that John had gone to the hospital for a broken ankle. And according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, John had told the hospital staff that he hurt his ankle while attempting to take his own life.

Police officers were then able to gain access to his home, which was found in total disarray. Still, though, the three boys were not inside.

Then, John reportedly changed his story about where his sons were multiple times while he was in the hospital.

At first, he told police that the boys had been with friends. Afterward, investigators were told that they were given to an unknown woman.; pictured above are the Skelton brothers

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