On A Date With A Guy, She Polished Off A Pitcher Of Margaritas By Herself, So He Waited 8 Months To Ask Her Out Again

“Quick question…,” she wrote. “It’s been like 8 months since our last date; why now? lol”

To this question, she received some brutal honesty about their last date together. “Well, you are extremely gorgeous, and I love your personality!” he began in his response. “But, on our last date, all your friends met us at fiestas, and you finished a whole pitcher of margaritas by yourself….”

Surely, that was not the response that she was expecting. Even more, she probably wasn’t expecting to be called an “alcoholic” by someone she saw eight months ago. “Would you happen to still be an alcoholic?” he wrote to her.

She doesn’t show her response to him, so we may never know if she went on that second date, but she was laughing hysterically at the message exchange. At least she got something amusing out of this. Her viewers also got some entertaining content out of this.

One commenter wrote, “Bestie, don’t stop till you find a man that is impressed by your margarita skills that is what YOU DESERVE.”

Many viewers were upset with how he criticized her for drinking so much.

“If he’s counting your margarita pitchers, he’s not the one,” a commenter said.

One hilarious viewer commented, “My husband would order me the pitcher because when I drink, it benefits him.”

Let’s just hope that she dropped him after that comment. Or if she did go on the date, that she got a good laugh there as well.

Watch her video here.

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