On Her First Date With A Guy, He Gave Her A Performance Review And Talked About All the Things He Didn’t Like About Her For 4 Minutes Straight

We all have our bad date stories. We’ve all gone through the awkward first dates, where it’s a bunch of small talks, not even really breaking the surface of who the other is and what they are truly like.

We both have a mask on that covers our insecurities. And then there are the dates when some people are too honest about things.

One TikToker shared one bad date experience she had recently, and it seemed to be going well at first.

“Buckle up. I got a bad date story… If you don’t know me, I’m Em. I’m single in Toronto, and I’m a recruiter and apparently am bad at dating,” she explained.

To label oneself as bad at dating is a pretty negative thing to say. What makes someone bad at dating, and does all the blame really lie on the shoulders of only one date participant or both?

“So several months ago, I go on a date with a guy I already knew through mutual friends,” she continued.

“So I was really optimistic about this date. We out for drinks. The conversations seemed good. We primarily talked about reality tv, what do you do on the weekends, you know, we kept it surface level.”

“It was a first date. Except about an hour and a half in, he looks at me and was like … So I work in HR, and I made a joke that at the end of every date, I give a performance review, and he asked for his. And I like laughed it off.”

TikTok; pictured above is Em in her video

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