She And Her Boyfriend Attended A Friend’s Wedding, And As Soon As She Left To Go Feed Their Baby, He Took Her Absence As An Opportunity To Cheat On Her

He clearly was still hungover from everything he had to drink the previous night, but other than that, he seemed entirely normal to her.

A month later, she was shocked to receive a text message from the girl in the super short dress at the wedding.

This girl revealed to her that she had slept with her boyfriend the night of the wedding.

Apparently, her boyfriend had spoken to this girl for hours after she went home, and he insisted that he was single.

Her boyfriend lied to this girl and said they only attended the wedding together to make it seem like everything was good in their relationship.

“He later went back to her house, and they slept together that night and again the next morning,” she said.

Well, when she found out about all this, she did approach her boyfriend and kicked him right out of the house they share together.

Her boyfriend has since confessed to sleeping with this girl, though he swears he does not remember what he said to her or that he slept with her at all.

Her boyfriend also says he feels bad and regrets that night and would like a second chance to make their relationship right.

“I am heartbroken for my family, my kids, for myself,” she continued. “I don’t want to be with a man who can do this. But I am struggling massively to accept that I now have a broken family.”

“I would never stop him from seeing the kids, but my heart hurts whenever they are away from me. It’s so unfair that I’ll now have to see less of them because their father is a cheat and a liar.”

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