She Asked Her Husband’s Sister To Make Her A Birthday Cake That She Can Actually Eat, And She’s Wondering If That Makes Her A Spoiled Brat

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A woman in her 30s celebrated her birthday not too long ago, and her husband decided that he wanted to throw her a little party with their loved ones.

She and her husband actually live with his sister and mom right now, as her husband’s dad just passed away.

“My SIL insisted on making me a cake, which was very nice of her considering her health and mobility issues,” she explained.

“She asked what flavor of cake I like, and I told her. And reminded her of my dietary restrictions (definitely not a choice or preference).”

She isn’t able to eat butter, milk, or even gluten. Over the years, she’s found a way to substitute the ingredients she cannot eat, and she always keeps things on hand for her to use instead when cooking or baking.

She even offered to help her sister-in-law make the substitutions to the birthday cake that she needed.

Her sister-in-law did remember that she can’t have one of those ingredients, though her sister-in-law did forget about another one.

“She seemed to get upset that my restrictions limited what kind of cake she could make but said she’d see what she could do,” she continued.

“I told her I have the supplies that meet my restrictions, so she didn’t have to buy them. I also offered to just buy a dessert I could eat so I wouldn’t inconvenience her (or anyone else).”

LStockStudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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