She Called Her Sister Selfish For Announcing Her Pregnancy At Their Parent’s House During A Family Dinner Because She Struggles With Infertility

First, she accused her sister of totally messing up by announcing her pregnancy like that. She also claimed her sister had zero consideration for how her husband would feel, given their track record with infertility. Her sister did not see any problem with announcing the pregnancy, though, and said that her husband’s issues with the topic were not her problem.

“My sister also said that she and her husband were fed up with walking on eggshells around my husband,” she explained.

So, at that point, she ended up just calling her sister selfish and cruel. She also claimed that her sister had no right to choose their parents’ house as the venue to make the pregnancy announcement.

But her sister snapped back and accused her of ruining their joy and making the entire situation worse by causing a scene. Finally, her sister claimed that she had no right to dictate where or when the pregnancy announcement was made.

Anyway, after this massive blow-up, her mother ultimately just told her that she had to leave, and she went home. Still, the drama is continuing on in the wake of the argument. Her parents have since accused her of reacting poorly to the announcement. Plus, they believe that she needs to apologize to her sister on both her and her husband’s behalf.

So now, even though she thinks that her sister should not have made the announcement, she is not sure if calling her sister selfish and causing a scene was the wrong thing to do.

Do you think their parents’ house was an appropriate place for her sister to announce the pregnancy or not? If her sister chose not to do it there, would anywhere else be more appropriate? Do you believe her sister was trying to hurt her feelings, or did she overreact? If you had been in her shoes, what would you have done after hearing the news?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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