She Called Out A Celebrity Online For Not Stopping To Take A Photo With Her Daughter, But The Celeb Was In The Middle Of Their Own Daughter’s Birthday Party, So Now Tons Of Fans And Even Her Own Husband Are Calling Her A Jerk

Well, after posting her thoughts online, it quickly became clear that the rest of the community did not share her opinion.

Instead, the post gained a ton of attention, and countless people have since accused her and her daughter of being entitled by expecting the celebrity to interrupt their daughter’s birthday for any fan who wants a picture.

What most shocked her, though, was her husband’s response to the post. Apparently, after he saw it, he could not believe that she would bash another mother for trying to spend the day with their daughter. But, to be honest, she claims that was never her intention.

“I’m not trying to bash her [the celebrity] for spending the day with her daughter, but she would not be where she is without her fans. So I think she at least owes it to them to take a picture,” she explained.

Regardless of her own feelings, she has still been left with a bunch of angry fans and an angry husband.

So, she has been wondering if posting online about the “rude” encounter was justified or if it actually just makes her a total jerk.

Would you want to leave your child’s birthday party to take a photo with a fan if you were a celebrity? Wouldn’t “just one photo” for one fan eventually turn into a bunch of photos of a bunch of different fans? Do you think it was a good idea to post about the celebrity being “rude” online or not? What would you have done if you were in her shoes? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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