She Canceled Her Daughter’s 16th Birthday Bash After Her Daughter Made A Cruel Video About Her Husband On TikTok

Tatyana Gladskih - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 48-year-old woman has 2 children that she had with her ex-husband Marco, and they are 13-year-old Liam and 15-year-old Pam.

After she and Marco got divorced, she got remarried to Bruce 11 years ago, and they had 9-year-old Annie together.

Now, Marco and Bruce couldn’t be more different; they’re basically polar opposites. Marco is a construction worker who plays softball every weekend and also coaches Pam’s soccer team.

Bruce is a professor at a college, and in his free time, he enjoys playing piano, baking, cooking, and attending the theater.

When Pam does have a soccer game, they all go together, and when Pam’s game is done, she and Bruce invite Pam’s whole team back to their house to have cupcakes and cookies that Bruce has baked.

Also, Bruce will make elaborate dinners for Pam’s teammates and their parents at the end of the soccer season.

For every one of her children’s birthdays, Bruce pulls out all the stops to make them amazing cakes.

This February, Pam’s turning 16, and Bruce has been planning an incredible cake that speaks to all of Pam’s hobbies and stages of her life so far.

“The other day another mom sent me a link to a TikTok that Pam and several of her teammates did,” she explained.

Tatyana Gladskih – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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