She Crashed The Funeral Of Her Ex’s Mom And Then Everyone Found Out That She’s Pregnant With His Child

Her ex’s children saw her sit down, and they came over to give her a hug. The kids then noticed that her stomach was rather large, so they wanted to know if she was pregnant.

Her ex’s wife then made a remark that she can’t stop having babies, which annoyed her as she only has one child, and she felt that her ex’s wife was trying to make her out to be some kind of floozy.

“The youngest then asked if the child will have my red hair and her mother scoffed and under her breath said something like God forbid,” she said.

“So I was like, maybe, but your dad has brown hair, so the baby could just look exactly like you guys since the baby would be their younger sister or brother. Their mother overheard this and immediately called the kids back to her.”

“I left as soon as the funeral was over. I got a call later that night from my ex saying that I was an a****** for telling their kids about the baby without talking to them first and told me to stay away from his family.”

She’s left wondering if it was rude of her to crash the funeral of her ex’s mom and then let his kids know that she’s pregnant with his baby.

Do you think she should have perhaps stayed home for this?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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