She Got Accused Of Financially Abusing A Guy She Recently Started Dating By Not Letting Him Move Into Her Rental Suite For Free 

Obviously, though, since she already owns her home, that would really just mean he moves into her house. And honestly, she did not think it was the best idea. After all, they just started dating, and she just is not ready– which is totally understandable.

Despite that, he claimed that her home city has a very high cost of living, and he cannot make ends meet there without stable employment. So, if he cannot find another job soon, he said he would have to move back to the Midwest.

“And I like him, but not enough to want to support him,” she added.

So, she came up with a pretty generous alternative. She decided to offer him the rental suite in her house for a very good price compared to other rentals in her area.

She figured that was a great way to give him an opportunity to find work and allow them both to ease into the idea of moving in together.

Unfortunately, though, her plan kind of backfired on her. In fact, she got accused of being ridiculous for expecting him to pay rent money since she does not have to pay a mortgage on her house.

She was taken aback and told him that, of course, where he lived and what he felt comfortable paying for rent was his decision. But she reiterated that she was just not ready to move in with him yet.

Then, he ended up asking if she could just loan him some money to tide him over until he found a new job. And surprisingly, she actually said yes.

But, she did have some reasonable expectations about the loan. For example, she told him she would only hand over the money if they both agreed it was an official loan with paperwork– which was a very smart decision, in my opinion.

Plus, her parents always taught her never to loan money without paperwork unless the funds were truly a gift that she did not expect to be paid back.

Honestly, though, he did not understand that concept at all. Instead, he actually just accused her of trying to abuse him financially– and she was appalled.

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