She Got Pregnant From A One-Night Stand, Gave Up Her Parental Rights, And Is Wondering If It’s Ok To Reach Out To Her Daughter, Who Is Now 17

“He then wrote a long text which comes down to the fact that I am an asshole for wanting to know his daughter now after I “abandoned” her and that this meeting would only mess with her head. I told him I was telling him out of courtesy because soon, the girl will be an adult and be able to choose herself if she wants to meet me. He then blocked me.”

She really doesn’t see the problem with wanting to meet the girl that she gave birth to, especially since she thinks it would benefit her to know where she came from.

Regardless, she’s curious if it’s wrong of her to want to meet her daughter after 17 years of no contact.

Do you think she should try to meet her, or remain out of her life at this point in time?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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