She Has A Way For You To Figure Out If Your Man Is Sliding Into DMs

Do you ever wonder if he’s talking to other girls behind your back? What if he’s DM-ing other girls on social media?

Well, TikToker Char, @chaars_xo, has a new solution for finding out if you need to be worried about him cheating.

In a tutorial-style video, Char shows her followers what to do on their partner’s Instagram page if they want to find out who their partner has been messaging.

“Go on his Instagram, click settings, then security, then download data,” she wrote on the video while showing a screen recording of the steps in the background.

She shows how clicking “download data” will prompt you to enter an email where Instagram can send the link to download– this is the key to success when investigating him.

“Put in your email, and it’ll email you a copy of all of his messages,” she wrote.

But does this really work as a solution to the cheating problem? This is what one of her skeptical viewers asked too.

She posted a second step-by-step video showing that, yes, it does, in fact, work.

TikTok; pictured above is Char in her video

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