She Has A Way For You To Figure Out If Your Man Is Sliding Into DMs

Putting in your email when prompted on Instagram will allow the app to send you an email, where you can finally download the information that you requested.

“Once you’ve clicked ‘download your data,’ it then requests a download,” she said. “So you go to your emails…and then click download information.”

From the point where you request the download on Instagram to the point where you finally get the information, there appear to be a lot of verification steps to ensure that you really want to download this information.

The email is one of them, but after the email, you must once again click to download on Safari.

“Then it takes you to Safari,” Char said. “Then click ‘download information’ again, click ‘download,’ and this will start to download the ZIP file onto your phone.”

Char pointed out that sometimes there is so much information to receive that the download could take a long time.

But this doesn’t mean that the download is not working. Although be warned, the download comes with a lot of folders: folders within folders.

“So once it’s done, click on the ZIP file,” she said. “It opens up files on your phone.”

The download to your phone will bring up the main folder where all of the different message conversations are stored.

“Click on the folder, scroll down,” she said. “This is everything that you can see.”

Within the main folder, all of the data from the Instagram account is organized into smaller, labeled folders.

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