She Invited A Guy Over To Her House, And He Ended Up Stealing Her Food Right Out Of Her Fridge When He Left

“First thing I do, is I’m pouring shots,” she said. “I got toasted–real quick. When Shanny gets toasted, clothes come off.”

Things escalated much further than she originally thought. They ended up sleeping together that night, she explained. But things took a bizarre turn the morning after. When she woke up the following day, the guy was still there in her house, and he was not asleep.

She thinks this is odd but doesn’t make him leave. Instead, they stay and talk a little more. Shantel goes to cook breakfast for the both of them– a breakfast that would come with delicious bacon. To her surprise, he refuses her offer.

“I was like, ‘okay, I don’t gotta clean! All good, he doesn’t want to eat, fine, get…out’,” she explained. “So then, like, the next day goes by. I’m like looking in my fridge, and I’m looking for my turkey bacon and my hummus…NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!”

Needless to say, she was confused beyond belief about what happened to her groceries that were there just the day before. The only common denominator that makes it all make sense: her date.

She could only come to one conclusion, and that is this guy literally stole the food right out of her fridge before he left. This is certainly a scenario that doesn’t happen that often and likely won’t occur again for Shantel. But it’s definitely one that deserves to be documented because there’s nothing more to say except– WOW

Watch her video here.

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