She Just Found Her Older Husband’s Online Diary, Where He Confessed To Baby-Trapping And Manipulating Her

Lars Zahner - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 32-year-old woman is currently married to her husband, who is 44, and a couple of days ago, she discovered a terrible secret about her husband.

She ended up stumbling upon a blog page that her husband had been using like an online diary, and he confessed a lot of things in there that left her utterly horrified.

In her husband’s diary, he completely confessed to baby-trapping her as soon as he met her.

“He was an older man; he was estranged from his first wife at the time,” she explained. “I was clueless and desperate, a college dropout with a baby only six months old, living with my parents.”

“He charmed my parents. He charmed my sister and her husband. Held my son and was so caring to us at the time. My whole family was poor, and he offered to “help out,” and he followed through on that. Bought me milk, diapers, medicines, and gave me expensive jewelry…”

“Then I got pregnant. I was just 21, and my first pregnancy had been unplanned, and a c-section, and I was terrified, but he talked me into keeping the baby and said he’d always help me. Said he’d marry me, that he was the love of my life, and he would divorce his wife soon… and he did.”

Her husband divorced his first wife just like he said he would, and then he got married to her. Then, they ended up moving to the country that he is from, where they went on to have three additional children.

Now, from her husband’s first marriage, he already had three children with his first wife.

Her husband’s family is quite wealthy, and her husband landed a cushy job working for his family’s connections, and she admits he really doesn’t do anything except pretend to be preoccupied.

Lars Zahner – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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