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She Just Turned 105 And Revealed Her Secret To A Long Life Is Margaritas, So We Found The Simplest And Most Delicious 4-Ingredient Margarita Recipe For You To Try

What age do you hope to live until? For most people, making it to ninety or even ninety-five would be a massive accomplishment. After all, the average life expectancy in the United States is only about seventy-seven years.

So, can you even imagine making it to your one-hundred-and-fifth birthday? Well, one woman from Fresno, California, has proved that it is possible after recently passing this impressive milestone on Friday, November 11.

Once Tilly Beargon was born in 1917, she was welcomed into a very large family. In fact, she was just one out of ten siblings!

And now, at one hundred and five years old, Tilly has since outlived all of her brothers and sisters. She was the seventh born, though, and claims that seven was simply her lucky number when it came to life.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Tilly’s son also threw her a birthday party where family and friends gathered to celebrate her legacy.

Then, following the event, she revealed her ultimate secret to living a long and happy life.

“Every night when I get ready for bed, I’d have me a drink of margarita first, and boy did I sleep good,” Tilly said in an interview with ABC4.

Doesn’t that sound like a nightly ritual most people would be happy to get behind? If you agree, then we have the simplest, most delicious homemade margarita recipe for you.

TikTok; pictured above is a margarita recipe from Erika Altes

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