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She Just Turned 105 And Revealed Her Secret To A Long Life Is Margaritas, So We Found The Simplest And Most Delicious 4-Ingredient Margarita Recipe For You To Try

Erika Altes, the mastermind behind the TikTok account @WhiskeyAndLaceBlog, recently shared a four-ingredient margarita recipe that will put store-bought margarita mix to shame.

So, get ready to wow your tastebuds and share a toast in Tilly’s birthday honor.

4-Ingredient Margarita 

-7-10 Limes, Quartered

-1/2 Cup of Agave

-1 1/2 Oz. of Tequila


For this margarita recipe, you can say goodbye to the over-processed jugs of pre-made margarita mix and say hello to the natural sweetness and bitterness of limes and agave. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the recipe prep.

The only appliance you will need in addition to these ingredients is a blender. And the size of your blender will impact how many limes you need to create the margarita mix.

So, you should begin by slicing about seven limes into quarters and tossing them into your blender. If you have a larger blender, you may need to quarter as many as ten limes. However, be sure not to overfill! You only want your blender to be half full with quartered limes.

Next, once your blender is half filled, you should pour in enough water until the limes are covered. Then, you can add the sweet component– agave.

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