She Really Wants Her Boyfriend’s 20-Year-Old Son To Move Out, Because He’s Making Their Lives A Living Hell

Although they gave Alex 2 weeks to get that together for them, he never did it, so their application for emergency relief got terminated.

Alex really hurt them by getting their application canceled, though he did not care at all about how his behavior affected them, and they’re currently in a bad place financially with no relief in sight.

Alex making their financial hardships worse isn’t the only problem, though; he’s incredibly rude to Dave, and he’s also creating tension in her own relationship with Dave.

“Both of us agreed we don’t want him living with us, but at the same time, this is Dave’s kid, and he does love him despite how much he pisses Dave off,” she said.

“He’s also only 20-years-old, so it’s not like he has his life together. The problem is he doesn’t seem to be trying either. I know he can be a good kid if he tries, and I really do want him to be successful in life, but he is making our lives hell. I also don’t want to leave him without a roof over his head, even though he told me he has somewhere to go if we lose the apartment.”

She’s left wondering if it would be wrong of her and Dave to ask Alex to find somewhere else to live.

Do you think it would be mean of them, or is it time for Alex to fly the nest and figure it out on his own?

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