She Says It’s Totally Normal To Leave Your Baby Outside Alone In A Stroller To Sleep Where She Lives

Did you know that in some countries, parents leave their babies sleeping in strollers outside while they duck into a store to run errands?

It may sound unsafe, but in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, this is a cultural norm that is practiced every day.

One mom named Annie (@annieineventyrland) is originally from the United States and now lives in Denmark. She explains in a viral TikTok video that letting babies sleep outside is actually healthier for them.

“Fresh air is said to keep babies healthy and to help them sleep better, and napping your baby in their stroller outside is done in all sorts of weather,” said Annie.

This practice is recommended, rain or shine, by midwives and baby nurses. No matter the weather, the babies are dressed appropriately.

In colder conditions, babies are clothed in lightweight wool and covered with a down duvet, which helps keep them cozy and snug.

It is common for parents to leave them outside, but whether they’re in a grocery store or sitting down in a café, they are always keeping a close eye on their children. In the video, Annie shows a row of strollers lined up outside on the street.

She describes how there is no danger to the napping infants by letting them stay outdoors.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot from Annie’s video

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