She Served Her Side Of The Family And Her Husband’s Side Of The Family Two Different Kinds Of Cake At Their Wedding, And Now Her Husband’s Family Keeps Badmouthing Them

Anastasiia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual couple

This twenty-seven-year-old woman and her husband, Josh, who is twenty-nine, recently tied the knot just a few weeks ago.

At first, they were originally going to have a smaller wedding at a resort in order to stay within their personal budget.

But then, she and her husband were fortunate to receive some wedding money that allowed them to invite extra guests.

“So, we decided to expand the wedding to have some of our second cousins and their kids and some friends that we otherwise don’t get to see as often,” she recalled.

And after the event was all said and done, she and Josh both had an amazing time. She also thought that all of the guests did, too.

Well, that was until just yesterday when she found out that a bunch of people had been bad-mouthing the cake behind their backs.

For context, even though she and Josh received some money to upgrade their wedding venue and guest list, they were still on a pretty tight budget otherwise.

So, they decided to keep the “fancy” tiered wedding cake for pictures for only immediate family, the pastor, and a few members of the wedding party who they have known the longest.

Although, they did not want to upset the other guests or have some people eating the “fancy” cake while others didn’t.

Anastasiia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual couple

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