She Told Her Fiancé’s Parents That His Sister Didn’t Belong In The Bridal Party, And They Freaked Out On Her

angel_nt - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her fiancé recently got engaged, and while starting to plan their wedding, they also picked out who was going to be in their wedding party.

For bridesmaids, she chose her two closest friends. As for her fiancé’s groomsmen, the group will consist of two friends that are like brothers to them.

The real problem, though, concerns her fiancé’s family– well, more specifically, her fiancé’s little sister.

Apparently, his sister is four years younger than him and was a childhood cancer survivor. And according to her, that experience entirely impacted her fiancé’s own childhood and relationship with his sister and parents.

“My fiancé’s parents favor his sister, spoil her rotten, and expect everyone to follow suit. And his sister uses that to her advantage with people,” she revealed.

“My fiancé also has admitted that sometimes he hates her.”

This stems from the fact that her fiancé’s sister would constantly make him feel bad and throw her cancer survivorship in his face whenever he said no to something growing up. And sometimes, her fiancé’s sister even accused him of wishing that she had died.

So now, her fiancé largely blames his parents for condoning that behavior and even harbors a lot of resentment toward them– since he was practically ignored as a child due to his sister’s sickness while simultaneously being expected to treat his sister like a princess after the fact.

“My fiancé said his parents ruined her and gave him a crappy childhood,” she vented.

angel_nt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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