She Uninvited Her Brother From Her Wedding Because Her Brother Revealed He Is In Love With Her Fiancé

shchus - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This young woman is about to marry her fiancé in just one week. But, her fiancé just so happens to be her brother’s best friend– which has caused some serious drama to escalate over the past few months.

Of course, her relationship with her brother’s best friend started when they simply began dating. And after she told her brother about their budding romance, he was reportedly excited for her.

“My brother was happy that his best friend and his favorite sibling were together,” she recalled.

But, after she and her fiancé eventually got engaged, her brother completely changed his tune. Out of nowhere, he became sour about their relationship, and he never even congratulated her on the engagement.

Then, throughout the whole wedding planning process, her brother kept making negative comments. At that point, though, he also started adding in “jokes” about how she is going to be a terrible wife and how her fiancé should just run away while he still has the chance.

“My family and my partner all acted as if he was just joking,” she noted.

And even though she had no clue why her brother was being so weird about her wedding, she never expected what was going to happen next.

About two weeks ago– when her wedding was only three weeks away– her brother randomly asked her to go over to his place by herself. Then, once she got there, her brother demanded that she cancel the wedding immediately.

She was, of course, really confused and asked the obvious question– why? Still, her brother just kept insisting that she cancel the event without giving her a solid reason.

shchus – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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