She Uninvited Her Brother From Her Wedding Because Her Brother Revealed He Is In Love With Her Fiancé

So, at that point, she understandably started to become pretty worried. She began to believe that perhaps her brother knew something damning about her fiancé that her brother was just trying to protect her from.

Even after she proposed that idea to her brother, though, she still got shut down and told that was not the reason.

Anyway, she decided to lighten the mood with a joke and teased her brother by saying it sounded like he was in love with his best friend. And to her total surprise, her brother admitted that he really was in love with her fiancé.

“I was taken aback and did not know what to say. So, I just told him he was uninvited from the wedding and left,” she recalled.

And since that night, both her own family and her fiancé’s family have found out her brother was uninvited. She did not want to tell everyone about her brother’s business, though, so she just said he was uninvited because he insulted her.

But then, everyone just thought that she was being totally overdramatic and assumed she would get over the “insult” before the wedding.

Now, though, the wedding is only one week away, and her brother is still uninvited. And no one, including her fiancé, understands why.

In fact, her fiancé keeps calling her ridiculous and pressuring her to call her brother and sort it out since, apparently, her brother is also her fiancé’s best man.

On top of that, her family has begun to call her immature for not getting over whatever “insult” her brother said.

So, she has been left in a seriously sticky situation, and she has no idea how to navigate it.

“I am so conflicted. I would never get with someone my siblings have romantic feelings for, but now it’s too late. I love my fiancé, we have a life together, and we are planning our future. I can’t just cancel it all,” she explained.

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