She Used To Get Bullied For Collecting Toys In High School, So After One Of Her Bullies Recently Asked For One Of Their Toy “Gifts” Back, She Refused

spaskov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this twenty-one-year-old woman was in high school, she was unfortunately bullied pretty severely.

She was known as the “weird kid” because of her interests, one of which was her toy collection. She particularly enjoyed collecting McDonald’s happy meal toys because she knew that in the future, they would be worth a lot of money.

There was one particular bully who really made her life a living hell, though, and actually encouraged a ton of other high schoolers to target her, too. And one year, on her birthday, that bully took their tormenting one step further.

“For my birthday, she [the bully] got me the full Super Mario happy meal set from 2017 as a joke,” she recalled, “Then, she recorded me opening the gift and sent it around the school.”

At the time, she was super excited about the gift since it was exactly what she was interested in. But, the bully– and everyone else who saw the video of her opening the gift– only used her excitement to fuel their fire.

She ended up being called “happy meal” by everyone at school for the rest of the year. Her bully would also sometimes throw McDonald’s french fries at her or even put burger wrappers on her desk before class.

Thankfully, though, by the time she finished the tenth grade, most people had forgotten about the happy meal incident, and much of the bullying had subsided.

“Sometimes somebody would call me ‘happy meal’ or ‘french fry,’ but nobody cared anymore. And I forgot about my bully after I graduated and moved to a different province for university,” she said.

Well, that was until about a week ago when her bully randomly reached out to her on social media.

spaskov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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