She Wanted To Buy Her Nephew A Cheap Christmas Gift Because His Parents Are Poor, And Her Husband Was Appalled By Her Selfishness

On top of that, the boy’s mom does not work– so even though his father works overtime, the boy’s family is barely scraping by.

Rather than allocating this young boy more money, given his difficult living situation, though, she actually opted to buy him a “really cheap” fifteen-dollar Lego set.

Her reasoning? She apparently did not want to buy the boy an expensive gift since she knew his parents would not be able to afford to reciprocate the gifts.

Anyway, after realizing what she had picked out, her husband wanted to add some more gifts to their cart for the little boy so that way they would spend around the same amount on every child.

Her husband also pointed out how they could afford to spend more money, how the little boy already had a ‘tough year,’ and claimed that the extra thirty dollars would have just been wasted on fast food anyway.

Shockingly, though, she just told her husband that the boy’s mom needed to get a job in order to give him a nice Christmas like the other children.

Moreover, she “reminded” her husband how they would be paying for and hosting the Christmas party and claimed that the boy’s family probably would not bring any food since they could not afford it.

So obviously, her husband was shocked and also looked really hurt.

“As if I was insinuating [the boy] did not deserve a nice Christmas because his parents are poor,” she explained.

“Every kid deserves a nice Christmas. I just do not think it is necessary to spend as much as the people who will actually be giving us gifts.”

Understandably, though, her husband thought her decision was completely selfish and called her out on it.

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