She Wanted To Buy Her Nephew A Cheap Christmas Gift Because His Parents Are Poor, And Her Husband Was Appalled By Her Selfishness

He claimed that she had no idea what it was like to be a poor immigrant or experience people treating her the way she was treating the little boy.

She could also tell that the boy’s story was hitting her husband close to home since he, too, traveled to the United States as a young boy and grew up in a similar situation.

So, in order to “keep the peace,” she ended up buying the little boy an extra gift– bringing his total Christmas budget from originally fifteen dollars up to thirty-five. Despite that, though, her husband still will not talk to her.

“And I cannot understand why. I spent the extra money and obviously don’t expect anything else in return,” she vented.

In turn, she has been forced to look in the mirror and is wondering if initially refusing to give the little boy a nice gift simply because his parents are poor makes her a total jerk.

Do you know anyone who only matches their holiday gift-giving budgets in comparison to the gifts they will receive back? Is that the right way to spread the Christmas spirit? Being that the boy already has less, wouldn’t that be even more incentive to provide him with a larger gift this season? Do you think she was in the wrong?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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