She Wants To Bring Her Dog To Her Family’s Christmas Celebration But Doesn’t Want Her Other Family Members To Bring Their Cats

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

With Christmas just about a month away, this twenty-seven-year-old woman and her husband are in charge of coordinating her family’s holiday plans.

There will not be a ton of family members in attendance, but the guest list will include her two brothers, one of her brother’s partners, her mother, and her grandmother.

Now, since she and her husband recently purchased a home last year, they have the most space to host a holiday celebration. In fact, all of her other family members live in apartments at the moment.

So last year, she actually hosted everyone at her and her husband’s house for the first time ever. This year, though, she honestly does not really want to do it again– and the reason is her family’s pets.

For context, she and her husband have a Boston Terrier that is just three-years-old, and her pup absolutely loves people.

On the other hand, both of her brothers, her mother, and her grandmother have cats– so four felines in total.

And when she hosted Christmas last year, all of the cat owners were able to figure out arrangements for their pups.

For instance, her brother– who lives about half an hour away– was able to stop in at his house and check on his kitten from time to time.

Plus, her mother just got someone who lived in her apartment building to look after her pet for the holiday.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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