She Was Chased Home At Night By A Guy Who Was Later Arrested For Harassing A Bunch Of Young Women

Dmitry Tsvetkov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman had a pretty terrifying series of encounters with someone who ended up being sent to jail one week later. She has been sharing her story as a warning to any women who find themselves working late-night shifts.

She was 24-years-old and working at a nightclub in Canada at the time of the incidents. She was usually responsible for closing the club on Tuesday nights around midnight. This means that every Tuesday, she was typically the only person left at the club to close it down.

She already had some tactics that she used to keep herself safe when ending her late shift. She would wear baggy clothes that didn’t hug her fitting to make it so that creepy guys were less likely to target her.

However, she would always walk home. It was only 10 minutes away, and she didn’t want to risk dealing with any sketchy rideshare drivers.

One Tuesday night, she was making her way home after closing the club when she noticed a man sitting in a parked car further up the road.

Once he had caught sight of her, he turned his car around so that he was on the same side of the street as her. It wasn’t long before he began catcalling her and asking her to get in his car.

She did her best to ignore him and keep walking, but he followed her in his car for a couple of blocks. He continued to drive next to her until she was about halfway home. Then he moved on…or so she thought.

“Guess who comes blasting back down the road?” she recalls. “He does! Now my walk has turned into a light jog which then turns into me full-on running.”

She ran all over the place to try and find a different route home without this guy figuring out where she lives. She ran behind different businesses and even ducked through bushes and mud. But no matter where she ended up, the stalker in his car would find her.

Dmitry Tsvetkov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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