She Was Chased Home At Night By A Guy Who Was Later Arrested For Harassing A Bunch Of Young Women

Eventually, it got to the point where he was parked on a side street right next to her house. She decided to run as fast as she could pass his car and to her back door, which thankfully was obscured by a lot of trees and would be difficult for him to find.

Sadly, this torment didn’t end there. She says that this went on for the next four Tuesdays. He even started parking on the street in front of her house. After begging her manager, she was taken off the Tuesday closing shift.

About a week later, one of her co-workers sends her a news article.

“I open it and see that the man who’s been following me was arrested for doing this to multiple girls in the city,” she explains.

Apparently, most of his stalking had been done right in the neighborhood where her work and home were. He was finally arrested after stalking a college student that called the cops on him.

The man was 22-year-old Saranjeet Singh, and he was arrested multiple times because of this issue. How crazy is that?

Take this as a reminder to take any necessary precautions you can to stay safe late at night, ladies!

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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