She Was Pretty Sure She Was Totally Straight, But Then She Wound Up Sleeping With Her Female Boss And It’s A Sticky Situation

This all leads us to last Friday when she and Ruby had just wrapped up an anxiety-inducing project. Ruby thought they needed to celebrate, and Ruby opened up a bottle of champagne she got as a present when they arrived at Ruby’s house.

She has been to Ruby’s house previously, so she didn’t think it was strange for Ruby to invite her over on Friday night.

“We were drinking, and talking, and laughing, and drinking,” she said. “Neither of us was drunk, but I was definitely feeling good. And then I leaned in to kiss her.”

“And she stopped me. “I don’t get involved with people I work with.” I just sort of sat there for a second, an inch away from her, and my…brain just decided the way to get some action was to ask, “What if I quit?” She didn’t stop me leaning closer, and then I actually landed the kiss.”

Well, the kissing kept on, and then she and Ruby wound up sleeping together. She finally left Ruby’s place at around 3 in the morning after claiming to have to get up for an appointment in just a few hours.

That weekend, she and Ruby didn’t speak, but when she arrived at work on Monday, she did her best to pretend that nothing had gone down between them.

“She smiled at me,” she added. “I blushed and did my best to avoid giving her an opportunity to talk about what happened. She seemed to get the hint and gave me some space. This continued yesterday, but luckily we had a project that kept us busy.”

“Today, I texted her that I wasn’t feeling well, and here I am. And here’s my problem–I don’t regret what happened. I want it to happen again. But I also don’t want to be just another girl in her rotation?”

“But she hasn’t had an actual girlfriend for as long as I’ve known her. She’s talked about having past girlfriends, and those seemed to be monogamous relationships, but she’s very definitely not monogamous right now.”

She’s currently carefully weighing out her options and how she should proceed, and she figures she has 3 different ways to move forward.

She could quit her job, admit she made an error in sleeping with Ruby, and offer to help Ruby train her replacement. She could also quit, then not apologize or say anything was a mistake, or she could not quit and start looking for a new job.

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