She Went On A Bad Fishing Date With A Guy, But She Turned It Into A Pretty Good Country Song

This might sound like the worst of it, but it wasn’t. He continued to surprise her with the way he was acting.

“And then he fell into the water trying to catch the bobber,” she added before breaking out into the chorus.

While the date was a disaster, she certainly came out of it with no reservations about her feelings toward him.

“The fish ain’t the only thing; I’ll be catchin’ and releasin’ today,” she sang as she finished the song.

While there was only a short clip of her song in her video, it resonated with a lot of her followers–many of whom requested that she record more songs on different topics.

“Can you make this a full song??,” one commenter wrote.

Another said, “You need to go on American Idol.”

And even more people commented positive affirmations like, “omg…so good. You are killing it, girl! love it.”

Despite an unsuccessful experience on this date, one thing is for sure–never go fishing on your first date. Listen to her song here.

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