She Went Out With A Guy Who Asked Her To Come Back To His Place So They Could Play Golf In His Living Room For 3 Hours

“Legend says he’s still putting and hasn’t made a shot to this day,” commented another.

After Tayler’s video went viral with over 130,000 views, she made a follow-up video for those who were still curious. As it turns out, she has gone on more dates with this guy!

The golf thing certainly did not end on their first date. For their second date, he took Tayler to a chip and putt course. For those who may not be familiar with what that means, a chip and putt course is a golf course with shorter holes, making it an ideal place for golfers who want to work on their short game.

At this point, some TikTok users thought what he was doing was sort of ridiculous, but others thought it was sweet.

“He clearly loves it and wants to share it with you,” commented one user. “You joining him probably means so much to him! Hopefully, he’ll join you on things you love too.” Hopefully!

It seems that despite all of the golf content on TikTok, behind the camera, Tayler and her date ended up falling for each other. According to Tayler’s TikTok page, they are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

The couple has done more things beyond all of the golfing, including going to Disneyland, where Tayler made a funny video of him jokingly practicing his golf swing throughout the theme park.

They’ve even gone on a little ‘staycation’ together to Manhattan Beach, California, which looked like a ton of fun. So despite the odd start, it looks like things are going well for this pair. And who knows, maybe Tayler is just as big of a golf fan as he is now!

To view the original TikTok video, visit the link here.

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