She Went Out With A Guy Who Told Her What They Were Going To Order For Dinner Before Stating That She Had To Split The Bill With Him

“I show up, and he’s sitting on his front doorstep, and I’m like, ‘okay, this is a little weird,'” Felicity explains. “Before I even get out of my car, he comes running up to me, and he goes, ‘let’s go now, you’re driving.'”

This certainly raises some red flags and could definitely be considered suspicious behavior from someone that you’ve gone out with several times.

“I don’t care about driving,” she said. “That was just a little weird.”

Despite the oddity of his behavior, they decide on a place to go and eat–although a place that Felicity doesn’t like but that he insisted on. However, this is where it all falls apart for her.

“We go, he gets to the door, and he goes, ‘it’s buy one get one wings, that’s what we’re gonna get, and then we’re gonna split the bill,'” she said.

Not only did he choose the place that they were going to even though she didn’t like the restaurant, but he also told her what they had to order. On top of that, he didn’t even foot the bill for a discounted meal. Surprisingly, it still gets worse.

With her hand on her forehead and an absolutely puzzled expression on her face, she explains that he “then proceeded to talk about him and his ex’s intimate life the entire time.”

Felicity’s bad date just goes to show that meeting someone online and going on several dates with them doesn’t always mean that you know them well. It takes a long time to really get to know who someone is. Felicity took the right approach here: red flags are red flags; if you see one, run.

Watch her video here.

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