She’s 19, And Her 50-Something-Year-Old Boss Just Confessed To Her That He Really Would Like To Kiss Her

Denys - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 19-year-old girl currently works for a pretty small company. The company is so small that it’s just her, her 50-something-year-old boss (who is the owner), and her boss’s wife.

She is in charge of managing a storefront, and her boss spends the majority of his time running in and out of their office.

Her boss’s wife never really comes into the store, as she does have a job working somewhere completely different.

She pretty much works all by herself all the time, although if her boss is in the office that day, then it will be just her and him.

Lately, her boss has been struggling with his wife, and although her boss is still married, things aren’t going great. For her boss’s anniversary, he and his wife did share a post on social media, which might not seem relevant now, but it is later.

Now, when she started working for her boss, he made it clear to her that he’s really a family-oriented guy who can get a little touchy-feely.

For example, he gives hugs, pats her on her shoulder to encourage her, and does other things of that nature.

He always maintained that if he ever did anything to make her feel uncomfortable, to please make him aware of it.

“He’s always been respectful and told me he doesn’t want to disrespect me or make me feel uncomfortable,” she explained.

Denys – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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