She’s Been Seeing A Guy For A Couple Of Months, And He Only Just Let Her Know That He’s A Dad, As Well As Separated From His Wife

dariyad - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old girl has been seeing a 32-year-old guy for a couple of months now, and last week, things got more serious between them.

He brought up seeing her exclusively, and he then officially asked if she would like to be his girlfriend.

They also wound up sleeping with one another for the very first time, but then he dropped a major bomb on her.

“Talking to him feels easy, I feel safe and comfortable, and he’s supportive of my hobbies and career path, but a couple of days ago, he told me has a kid, was married, and is currently separated,” she explained.

“He travels a lot for work, and that plus just telling me about the kid/divorce is way too many red flags for me.”

“He’s coming back in town this weekend, and we had plans to see each other, obviously from before I got all of this new information.”

She thought it would be best to let him know when he returned from his trip that she was done with him, but that’s not exactly how things played out.

After having a couple of drinks yesterday evening, she texted him that she was ending their relationship.

He surprisingly informed her that it wasn’t “fair” of her to dump him, and he wants her to agree to talk to him in person so they can have a proper conversation about her fears.

dariyad – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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