She’s Being Told That She’s Destroying Christmas For Her Husband’s Whole Family After She Said She Wouldn’t Go To Christmas Eve Dinner At A Pizza Place

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A woman’s husband has always participated in a family tradition that involves eating at a specific pizza place every Christmas Eve for dinner.

As soon as she got married to her husband, his whole family insisted on her participating in their family tradition of Christmas Eve dinner at this pizza place, and although she did for a short time, she eventually stopped.

You see, she can’t consume dairy, and this specific pizza place literally only serves pizza. They don’t have any other food choices, let alone options that happen to be dairy-free.

Last Christmas, she told her in-laws that she would be skipping their Christmas Eve pizza place dinner and instead would hang out with them later.

Her husband, however, did attend his family’s traditional dinner. Back then, her mother-in-law was really angry with her, as part of their tradition includes giving gifts while at the restaurant.

Her mother-in-law accused her of being ill-mannered for not going to their dinner on Christmas Eve, but she simply didn’t feel like sitting there and just watching as the rest of the family got to eat while she did not.

“During this past year, my husband was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and doesn’t eat much dairy now either,” she explained.

“So we suggested that this year we would make homemade pizzas; that way, it was still the pizza tradition, but we could make dairy free options for ourselves. My mother-in-law said no and said that I specifically was ruining their family’s tradition.”

“She said we should all go to the restaurant still, and the two of us should just eat beforehand. I still have no interest in watching everyone else eat. My husband and I are refusing to join them and are instead making plans to spend Christmas Eve with my family. We were told we are ruining Christmas for the whole family.”

InsideCreativeHouse – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual people

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