She’s Convinced That The Guy Her Friend Was Dating Wanted To Harm Her, And Here’s Her Chilling Story - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

During her early 20s, a woman was traumatized after her former best friend and the guy she was seeing tried to potentially hurt her.

She used to be best friends with a girl named Lucy. Lucy had a difficult childhood and was raised by parents who were abusive. Lucy seemed to rely on her friends for fun since she didn’t have a loving family to go home to.

“My friendship with Lucy was a strange one,” she explains. “I found her quite annoying sometimes, but I also felt awful for her because of her loneliness and lack of friends and love in her life.”

She didn’t enjoy hanging out with Lucy one-on-one, but when they hung out in a small group of friends, everyone got along.

That is until Lucy started seeking attention from random guys. She would meet a lot of guys online, which her friends assumed was because she wasn’t getting enough love in her family life.

One night while their friend group was getting together, Lucy brought over her new boyfriend, Trevor.

“When we met him, we all felt awkward,” she recalls. “He barely spoke a word; he wouldn’t look directly at any of us at all, Lucy would try to be funny, but he would just give her dirty looks.”

Since that night, the friend group knew Trevor was bad news. His behavior got even worse.

Eventually, Lucy told her that Trevor simply did not like her, and he would try to keep the two of them apart. Anytime she was with Lucy, Lucy would lie to Trevor and say they weren’t spending time together. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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