She’s Convinced That The Guy Her Friend Was Dating Wanted To Harm Her, And Here’s Her Chilling Story

If the friend group was meeting up and Trevor would be there, Lucy would tell her not to come over. He kept trying to convince Lucy that she was a terrible friend, and eventually, he got into her head.

Everything went horribly wrong one afternoon when she and Lucy got together to walk Lucy’s dogs at a park. Their plan was to walk the dogs for a little while before returning to Lucy’s house for lunch.

While they were at the park, Lucy received a phone call and stepped away to take it. This was very unusual, considering Lucy had never been a private person in the past.

She would never walk away to take a phone call. Lucy then walked up to her and told her that she needed to take her home. She had a weird look on her face, as if she was trying not to smile.

Once again, this was odd behavior because the two friends had only been hanging out for a little while. Lucy usually never wanted her to leave and would often beg her to sleep over.

About ten minutes into the car ride home, she noticed that Lucy was going in the wrong direction toward her house.

She asked what was going on multiple times, but Lucy wouldn’t answer. Finally, she noticed that Lucy was driving toward Trevor’s house and said, “Trevor wants to talk to you.”

She began to freak out, demanding to be let out of the car. Why couldn’t Trevor talk to her on the phone? Why did she have to go to his house?

“It’s okay; he just wants to talk to you,” Lucy reiterated with a smirk on her face.

“She absolutely refused to let me out of the car,” she says. “She had the doors locked as if I wasn’t able to unlock my passenger door. I waited until she reached a red light; I grabbed her wallet from the back seat and took out her bus pass, and bolted out of the car.”

Thankfully, after unsuccessfully convincing her to get back in the car, Lucy sped off. Immediately, she blocked Lucy’s number and unfriended her on all social media platforms.

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