She’s Helping Her Boyfriend Fund His 36-Year-Old Daughter’s Life, And She’s Upset That His Daughter Has Been Using Their Money On Things Like A Bikini Wax

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A woman and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for the last 13 years, and they do share their finances, as well as a joint bank account.

About 2 years ago, her boyfriend’s 36-year-old daughter began seeing a guy that let her move in with him without paying a dime.

Her boyfriend’s daughter then ended up quitting her job and not working for 2 years straight, and she just essentially went on one big vacation while this guy paid for all of her expenses.

Not too long ago, this guy that her boyfriend’s daughter was seeing decided that their arrangement was no longer working for him.

So, he told her boyfriend’s daughter that she needed to move out, and they were done. Her boyfriend’s daughter would have been homeless, but her boyfriend stepped up to help pay for her while she got back on her feet.

She and her boyfriend have been paying for this girl’s cellphone, her rent, and her car insurance.

“So we have paid for her security deposit and first month’s rent and just recently paid her second month of rent,” she explained.

“The other day, she called me after her “bikini wax” appointment, where she decided to add on an armpit wax at the same time. I don’t really remember much else of the conversation because I was so blown away that she would have the audacity to continue to do things like this while people are paying her way through life.”

She really does have a wonderful relationship with her boyfriend’s daughter, and she has no problem financially supporting her, but she does think it’s rude of her boyfriend’s daughter to be using their money on frivolous things that she does not really need.

VK Studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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