She’s Pretty Sure That Her 40-Year-Old Roommate Likes Her, But She’s Not Sure How To Make It Clear To Him That Nothing Is Ever Going To Happen Between Them

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A 28-year-old girl currently has a roommate that’s a 40-year-old man. Before she wound up living with her roommate, she really didn’t know him at all.

She met him on a website dedicated to finding a roommate, and that’s that. Now, the apartment that they are sharing is wonderful, and it’s really cheap for what it is.

Her roommate was living in this apartment by himself, but then he went on the roommate finding website to say he was looking to share it with someone, as he couldn’t afford to keep paying for it all by himself.

“I am now on the lease, and we split everything 50/50,” she explained. “I want to renew the lease one more year because I feel I am saving money. The thing is, he’s made some weird comments that make me feel like I’m being coveted.”

“Right now, we are friendly with each other, and if it weren’t for some creepy comments, I wouldn’t mind being friendly. He’s recently divorced and has admitted he doesn’t have any friends outside of his parents, who also live in this town.”

“He mentions that some days it’s really nice being able to talk to me because he’s so lonely. That puts a lot of pressure on me because most days when I get home, I try not to engage because I’m tired!”

Well, several weeks back, she was in the living room hanging out with her roommate, and she brought up that she was organizing a vacation along with one of her friends, who is a guy.

Her roommate then launched into a whole speech about how this friend of hers probably only wants to sleep with her since that’s the only reason why guys are friends with girls, to begin with.

This really bothered her that her roommate was claiming that her friend only wanted to sleep with her.

Fractal Pictures – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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