She’s Really Good At Fantasy Football, And Her Boyfriend Suspects She Can’t Be Straight Because Of This Hobby

Her boyfriend’s friends then asked if she would like to be part of their fantasy football league, and she agreed.

Again, she won that league too, and her boyfriend’s friends were shocked. From there, she tested out fantasy baseball, and surprise, she ended up doing so well there that she scored second place.

Since then, she has gone on to do 4 seasons of fantasy sports, competing in baseball, football, and basketball, and every single time she has come out winning first place or second place.

Right now, she’s in the middle of participating in a fantasy basketball and football league along with her boyfriend.

She sits at second and first place in each of those sports, and 2 weeks ago, she also tried her hand at betting on different fantasy sports, which has been a success for her too.

“My boyfriend came home from work the other day and I was doing some work on the computer and had Sports Center on quietly in the background,” she said.

“He sat me down and said he needed to ask me a serious question, am I lesbian? I asked why he would think that. He said because of the fantasy sports! I was dumbfounded. It’s a hobby to me! He may not be into it as much as me but he has his own hobbies like working on cars and collecting action figures. I don’t get the difference?”

“His favorite sport is football. Before I started playing fantasy football he would watch it with me. That doesn’t happen anymore. He will no longer talk about sports with me. Like at all. He just rolls his eyes, says he doesn’t want to hear it, and changes the subject. I enjoy seeing his face light up when he talks about his hobbies. I engage and ask questions, it’s cute to see him go dorky.”

She is so confused because she and her boyfriend are just fine in the bedroom, so it’s not like there’s a glaringly obvious reason for him to think she’s not into him physically.

It’s been a couple of days since her boyfriend sat her down and asked her if she wasn’t straight, and since that conversation, nothing has been right with her boyfriend.

He continuously has cracked jokes about her not being straight, and she doesn’t think it’s ok at all.

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