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She’s Refusing To Construct A Wheelchair Ramp For Her Cousin’s Wedding After Only Being Given Less Than Two Weeks’ Notice And Instead Suggested They Rent A Temporary Ramp, But Now Her Cousin Is Furious

“But I don’t want any sloppy or expensive ramp done in a rush because I don’t have that kind of money saved or want to compromise the quality,” she explained.

She also offered an alternative solution, such as renting a detachable temporary ramp from a nearby shop to use on the day of the event. According to her, though, her cousin, his fiancée, and the bridesmaid were all appalled by her suggestion.

“The bridesmaid’s saying she deserves better accommodative and accepting facilities,” she said.

And quite frankly, she was shocked– especially because her cousin refused to pitch in for the ramp construction and does not even want to pay any portion of the rental ramp fee.

She also noted how the rest of the house is entirely wheelchair accessible since her grandmother required those accommodations.

It is just that single platform in the backyard that only has stairs– so her cousin and his fiancée could theoretically have the wedding elsewhere on the property.

Still, though, the platform in the backyard has continued to cause immense drama in her family.

In fact, her cousin’s fiancée even texted her and claimed that the rest of the family already “walks on eggshells” around her to “make accommodations for her handicap and feelings.”

So, the fiancée claimed that adding a fully constructed ramp in under two weeks was the least she could do.

“For reference, my handicap is my autism. But it’s never occurred to me that it’s a handicap or an issue for people– at least family– to be around me,” she noted.

And after she received that inappropriate text from her cousin’s fiancée, she decided to tell her parents about the whole ordeal. And understandably, her parents were pissed.

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