She’s Refusing To Throw Out A Dragon Statue She Bought For Her Mother Even Though Her Fiancé’s Mom Believes It Brought A Demon Into Their House

VK Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-four-year-old woman currently lives with her fiancé, who is twenty-seven, and his mother.

And last month, she and her fiancé visited her hometown with her sister to do a bit of shopping. They ended up stopping in at Goodwill, where she found a really cool dragon statue that she figured would be a perfect gift for her mother.

For context, her mom is a big dragon fan and collects a lot of dragon-themed items. The only problem, though, was that her sister was not speaking with her mother at the time.

“So, we decided to hang onto the dragon statue until the next time we came into town and would give it to my mom,” she recalled.

And ever since then, the dragon statue has been sitting on a headboard in one of the bedrooms at her fiancé’s mother’s house until she finds the time to visit her hometown again.

To her shock, though, her fiancé’s mother ended up having a huge issue with the statue and actually claimed it was bringing supernatural energy into the house.

It all began when her fiancé’s mother claimed to be experiencing “some problems” because of a demon.

Neither she nor her fiancé noticed anything different going on in their house, though, until her fiancé’s mother told her fiancé last night.

“I still don’t notice anything besides the tensions this has caused. We are all Christians, but his mother is extremely superstitious, and my fiancé believes everything she tells him,” she explained.

VK Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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