She’s Showing People What Her Life Is Like Being In A Throuple, And She Also Answers A Lot Of Interesting Questions People Have About This Kind Of Relationship

Since many people don’t know what it’s like being in a throuple, Janie discussed the inner workings of their relationship and what they expect from the other partners in their throuple.

She talked about how they don’t like to inhibit anyone in their open relationship because “you can’t develop emotions and feelings like that’s just not something that they can prevent.”

“If they are doing that, we would want them to be completely honest and open about that and feel comfortable sharing that,” she said. “It’s, you know, something we would do because we love each other and want each other to be happy.”

She succinctly summed up their relationships ‘guidelines’ in the caption to her video, saying, “the parameters of our open relationship are really just ‘tell me what’s going on in as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable with and be safe.'”

But the situation is much more complex than just their own relationship standards. Janie explained that although they are all engaged to each other, legally, they struggle to be together.

“It is actually illegal for me to get married,” she said. “I could potentially marry someone, just not my fiancés.”

This may be confusing at first, but she explains that it is because her other two partners are already legally married. However, she remains positive about the situation and about their connection.

“The three of us already have legal paperwork binding us together solely because we bought a house,” she said. “But our wedding itself will just be symbolic. It won’t have any legal standing. It will just be a celebration of our love and devotion to each other.”

Watch her two videos here and here.

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