The Sinking Of This Ship Was One Of The Worst Disasters, Next To The Titanic, But What Happened Before It Got Swallowed Up At Sea Will Freak You Out

The murder of Antti Eljaala was not the only tragedy that happened aboard Viking Sally. Only one year later, Klaus Schelkle and Bettina Taxis, two German college students, were planning a cheap trip and boarded the Viking Sally on July 27, 1987.

Because they didn’t have enough money to book a cabin, the two slept outside on the ship’s helipad. Around 3:00 am, a group of Boy Scouts came across the students and noticed that they had been attacked during their night outside.

The area was covered in blood, and they both had severe head injuries. While being transferred to a hospital, Schelkle died from his injuries. Taxis survived but, due to her head injury, could not remember the incident. The case is still unsolved.

The ship changed its name multiple times before becoming the MS Estonia and reaching its tragic ending in 1994.

To this day, some people believe that it was a cursed ship. After learning about its deadly history, would you agree?

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