The Worst Date Of Her Life Involved A Guy Asking Her To Come Over To His House And He Blocked Her On Everything Just As She Was Pulling Into His Apartment Complex

This then led to more frequent conversations between the two until he finally asked her to come over to his place one night.

“One night when I was out at a bar with some friends, he Snapchatted me and was like, ‘you should come over when you’re done at the bar,'” she said. “I told him he could come to meet me at the bar, and he said he couldn’t because his car was in the shop.”

This response from him finally started to provoke some more suspicion as to who he was and why he couldn’t come and meet her in person, even though she said that in her mind, he “had everything on paper.”

“He said he could come to the bar, but only if I picked him up,” she said.

All of these bizarre reasonings that he was giving in response to her inquiries signaled some major red flags in her mind, but in wanting to pursue this guy, she pushed them aside.

“Then he said, ‘I would really like to have you over here; we could just watch a movie and cuddle,'” she said. “I pretended I did not see the red flags.”

She decides that this is a good enough plan for the moment and says that she’ll come over to his place so that they can meet in person.

“I texted him and said I could head over, and he needed to send me his address,” she explained. “He texts me his address and says he can’t wait to see me.”

He seemed to be engaged in both their conversation and their plan to meet up at his place, so much so that he sent a “Snapchat of him putting laundry away in his bedroom,” as if he was preparing for their date.

But things took a turn when she showed up at the address.

“As I’m pulling into this apartment building complex, I unlock my phone to let him know that I’m close,” she said. “Snapchat was the last app that I had open, and I just so happened to realize that he had deleted me on Snapchat.”

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