This 15-Year-Old Ended Up Lying To The Couple She Was Babysitting For In Order To Get Them To Finally Come Home, And She Told Them Someone Was Trying To Break In

zea_lenanet - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 15-year-old girl recently completed a babysitting and first-aid course so that she could offer up her services as a babysitter in order to make some money.

One weekend ago, the parents of her little sister’s classmate asked if she could babysit for their kids while they went to a wedding.

Before she agreed, she questioned the couple regarding how long they were planning to be at the wedding, as she wanted to see if she should pack her things and prepare to stay at their house overnight.

The couple assured her that by the time the clock struck midnight, they would certainly be back home from the wedding.

“So I checked with my dad if that was okay because he is my ride,” she explained. “He doesn’t want me alone in a car with adults that he does not know.”

“So my dad was there to pick me up at 11:50. The kids were all asleep, and I was watching TV. I had texted them at 11:00 to double-check that they would be back in time. The mom texted me back, “yes.”

“12:30, they still aren’t there. I texted again. No answer. I called my dad, and he is pissed. Not at me. One o’clock. I call them. No answer. My dad went and got a coffee at home and came back. He is all calm. Not good. He is ready to blow.”

She kept on texting them every 15 minutes until 2:20 came along. At that point, she came up with a plan as to how she could get them to come back ASAP.

She sent a text to this couple that someone had attempted to break into the garage, though their alarm scared the person off.

zea_lenanet – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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