This 18-Year-Old Girl Loaned Her Parents $12,000, But They’re Saying They Won’t Repay Her Unless She Learns To Respect Them

Olga - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

An 18-year-old girl loaned her mom and dad $12,000 two months ago because her whole family moved to another state and her parents were struggling to pay their bills.

Her mom and dad needed money to pay for rent, new furniture, and plane tickets, among other things.

Her dad does have a job, and her mom receives money from the government. She is aware that her parents don’t have any debt or a mortgage to pay for.

“They still have enough money to spend, but it’s just moving was so expensive – they still get paid and have a reasonable amount of money though, but only enough for living, not doing up a house with furniture or paint, etc.,” she explained.

“I generally am always happy to lend my parents money, and in the past, it has always been paid back. I have had a really great relationship with them and respected them greatly growing up (especially my dad), and until recently, we got along really well.”

“I had planned on buying a car, so I could work at my dream job, but they needed the money at the same time, so I lent it to them instead. Since then, I have grown increasingly bitter and angry towards them as they have made no effort to pay me back, and this shows in our relationship as I am now snappy or rude to them more often.”

Over the last 2 months, since she lent her parents the money, she has gently brought up to them that they do need to repay her.

Initially, her mom and dad said she needed to be patient, as they did not have the $12,000 yet to pay her back.

Well, earlier today, she approached her mom and dad and let them know that she felt that they took advantage of her and she really needs the money back so she can buy a car.

Olga – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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